A unique bodywork experience

Zen Shiatsu


Shiatsu is a form of bodywork based on Traditional East Asian Medicine and Japanese Acupressure techniques. Gentle to firm pressure using thumbs, fingers, knuckles and palms is applied to meridians and pressure points throughout the body.    

The aim of Shiatsu is to create a strong and unimpeded flow of energy (ki) throughout the body. This means to release tension or blockages that have built up or to generate energy where it has become deficient, thus restoring balance to our bodies. By using slow, rhythmic pressure, shaking, squeezing and nurturing techniques we can help to release tension and generate energy flow in the body.   

Zen Shiatsu aims firstly to soothe the nervous system and then, in this more relaxed state identify the blockages and gently help to ease them out.  Thus, giving your body greater freedom to expand into a more relaxed, conscious state of being.

Shiatsu works through all the layers of the body, giving you a wholesome, thorough bodywork experience. By operating at a deeper more internal level, the cells, blood vessels, muscles, pathways, sinews, organs and even the bones are acknowledged and stimulated. One client actually said to me once that they felt their bones had had a massage!



In Traditional East Asian Medicine, meridians are energy pathways that flow throughout the body.  These pathways are linked directly to our internal organs.  Our organs all have a specific function and ultimately determine how we function. If our liver is overworked and burdened by over processing then this will also be reflected in our state of being.  Stimulating the meridians means that our organs are also stimulated.  

Shiatsu involves lots of stretching.

Some of my clients have described it as lazy mans yoga.  There are specific stretches for each meridian.  By stretching the body out we can create better energy flow around the whole body.



The ‘Zen’ symbolises the simplicity of it all.   The breathing, the  being, the sensing.  No mind,  just pure energy. 

It’s all about bringing the mind and the body back to the present moment.  To what IS. 

Creating a sense of peace and balance away from the clutter and chatter of every day busy life.  

Connecting you with you.

Giving you the opportunity to experience more presence in your body.


The Positive effects of Shiatsu are:

  • Relief of pain/symptoms 
  • Feeling more energised 
  • Less tension
  • Clearer thinking & clarity in general
  • Emotional peace / calmness
  • Better sleep
  • Improvement in digestion, circulation, respiration & menstruation
  • Better sense of general well being


Shiatsu can be beneficial for most things but has been found to be particularly effective for:

  • Neck,  shoulder  and  back  pain
  • Poor  circulation,  arthritis
  • Respiratory  conditions
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Anxiety,  depression &  emotional  stress
  • Muscular  tension  &  joint  stiffness
  • Menstrual  problems  &  reproductive  issues

Cupping therapy

What is Cupping?

Cupping Therapy is an ancient Oriental Therapy which involves placing cups on areas of the skin with suction. By creating suction and negative pressure cupping therapy lifts connective tissue, releases rigid tissue and can loosen adhesions. Cupping therapy can also break up stagnation and bring blood flow back to stagnant areas. Cupping helps to free toxins, tension and pathogens by drawing them from the inside out. By releasing these blockages to the surface level the body is able to resolve them by dispersing them throughout the body with new blood supply and lymph activity.

“Where there is stagnation, there will be pain. Remove the stagnation and you remove the pain”  -  Chinese  proverb.

Pain results form congestion, stagnation and blockage of Ki, vital fluids, lymph, phlegm and blood.

There are many benefits of cupping but the main benefits are;

  • To loosen muscles and release muscle tension
  • Encourage blood flow
  • Sedate the nervous system - anxiety
  • Relieve back and neck pain
  • Loosen congested areas such as thighs (cellulite), buttocks and upper back. 
  • Rheumatism - generating blood flow
  • Releases toxins
  • Refreshes blood and arteries
  • Clears congestion in the Lungs - phlegm from coughs and colds, asthma and respiratory conditions. 


Your Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

My name is Katrine and I am passionate obout transformational bodywork.  I am  incredibly  lucky  to  have  grown  up  receiving bodywork,  with a mother who was a reflexologist and massage therapist.  I understood early on how useful a tool it can be from a remedial and health point of view as well as for our overall sense of well being.  I believe that it is important to connect with ourselves through our bodies.

My main aim as a practitioner is to give you space to drop completely into who you are, without tension.   In this state you can then experience a more spacious, present & relaxed way of being.


Qualifications & Testimonials


Certificate  IV  in  Shiatsu -  Graduated  13/01/2006

Diploma  of  Shiatsu  &  Oriental  Therapies  -  Graduated  16/9/2006

I  am  fully  insured  and  have  my  Working  with  Children  Check  No.  WWC 1692118E

Gift Certificates

 I have cute gift cards available that can be posted out if required 🧡


I am very fortunate  to  have received  Shiatsu and Cupping Therapy from Katrine.  I had been suffering from a frozen shoulder from a sports injury and working in pain for several months. After a few Shiatsu sessions and some cupping I was pain free and back to full range of motion.  I have full trust in Katrine and have enjoyed continuing with regular sessions.  I am grateful to Katrine for enhancing my life through Shiatsu.  I feel more aligned in my body and energised after my sessions.



I love my Shiatsu sessions with Katrine. I deeply benefit from them as I  am a dancer. I  feel  so  relaxed  and the  sessions  allow  me to connect to my body and listen to my and aches and pains.    Katrine  clears all of my  tension on a very deep level.  Since I  have been having Shiatsu my dancing has improved greatly because  my body  is  freer  and  more  flexible.  I  have  found  Shiatsu  to be very  relaxing  and  dynamic  at  the  same  time.



I find shiatsu furthers wellbeing and releases tensions and restrictions often deeply held in your tissue.
It is a very freeing and empowering experience that is a central part of my healthy me -maintenance program. I highly recommend it.

Bo 🌅